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12 Ways to get your girl to go Bass fishing with you

At the time he didn’t have a boat, so we drove to a pond, lake or river and fished from shore. He brought a couple of rods and a small tackle bag. I stood or sat and watched and was a bit bored while waiting for our next activity for the day, whether it be the batting cages, hiking, a movie, lunch. I soon learned to bring a book, then learned to put the book down and cast a line.  My boyfriend was extremely patient with me and slowly taught me to fish. Eventually he bought a boat, and we were able to fish more places. We traveled more too.

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Fishing on the farm pond

They threw their hooks and worms in the water and quickly caught some innocent little fish. They may have dropped the sunfish in the tall grass before throwing them back in the pond. (catch and release before we ever heard that phrase). I remember the fish flopping around and a brother daring me to pick one up.

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