12 Ways to get your girl to go Bass fishing with you

12 ways to get your wife or girlfriend to go Bass fishing with you.

I didn’t really fish much when I was younger and had unpleasant experiences saltwater fishing as a young adult.  I wasn’t really interested in learning to fish for Bass.  I did, however, want to spend time with my boyfriend.  He grew up as an outdoorsman fishing for trout and bass, and hunting for deer and turkey.  I was a country girl in other ways, but not an angler.  Now I’m a BassGirl and I love fishing!  How did he change my mind?  

How can you get your wife or girlfriend to like bass fishing?

  1. Bring snacks, or a picnic lunch. You get to fish, while she thinks you’re having a romantic picnic.
  2. Let her bring a book, kindle, cell phone and hope there is cell service.
  3. Bring the dog for a walk or invite friends on a double date.
  4. She probably likes to shop for clothes or shoes. Shoes or boots for the shoreline or boat and shirts, pants, and rain gear to keep her cool, warm, or dry depending on the season or weather.
  5. Let her pick out her own lures. Guide her down the proper bass fishing aisle in the store, let her choose her own colors even if they may not be what you would use. She must like what she has.
  6. She’ll need a proper tackle box or bag, depending on the number of lures she picks out.
  7. Having her own rod is important too. Start off with a spinning rod. Is she right or left-handed?
  8. Teach her how to attach the lure she chooses to use. Teach her how to cast.
  9. Make sure there is a place for her to pee. Nothing worse than being on a riverbank or on the lake and having to turn the boat around to find a bathroom. A public bathroom, port-o-potty, a bucket, privacy tent, bring the boat away from shore or other boats. Whatever works.
  10. Let her know what she is doing right. Encouragement and positivity go a long way.  A kiss, fist bump, high five, and a pic on social media for some bragging rights are helpful.
  11. If you like weekend get-a-ways, choose a lake, pond, or river you can go to as a couple. If she’s competitive, enter a tournament together.  You’re a couple, enjoy the moments.
  12. Most importantly be sure to have a fishing license, know the rules, and have fun.


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