Fishing on the farm pond

Welcome to my first blog with BassGirl. Let's start off by stating the obvious that it might not be the best blog ever. To some, blogging may come naturally, others not so much. 

The same goes with fishing. Some people may be naturals at it, others might not be so lucky. I can't really count the few times I went fishing with my brothers down at the farm pond as me going fishing. They fished, I watched and said "eew".  They mostly caught sunfish, or better known to me today as bluegill or pumpkinseed. 

The night before we planned on going fishing, my oldest brother would go into the front yard with his flashlight and a bucket to look for earthworms. I remember looking out the front window seeing his light move back and forth. Mom always told him to look in our compost pile for the huge worms. I think at that time of night he was scared to go 100 yards out back behind the barn to look for them. 

The next morning was an adventure walk for this six year old. We hiked down through the farmer's hay field, past the raspberry bushes and woodchuck holes, through the cornfield (after 4th of July) under the powerlines, past the manure pile, onto the tractor path around another cornfield, through an opening and finally to the small round pond. The boys had their poles and container of night crawlers and a bucket to carry the big fish back home in. We circled around the pond until the boys could spot fish near the edge. They threw their hooks and worms in the water and quickly caught some innocent little fish. They may have dropped the sunfish in the tall grass before throwing them back in the pond. (catch and release before we ever heard that phrase). I remember the fish flopping around and a brother daring me to pick one up. Nope, I didn't do it.  I think the boys were hoping to catch a bigger fish.  I only remember them teasing me saying they were going to catch an eel or catfish and bring it home and put it in the bathtub.  Again, "eew". 

After that is was the long, tiring, walk back home, and yes, it was all uphill, in the summer, in the heat. Back then we didn't carry water bottles like people do today. My brother, the boy scout, may have had his canteen strapped over his shoulder. 

That is my first memories of fishing. I was definitely not a BassGirl back then. What I did like back then, was to follow my brothers around or play with Barbie dolls with my sisters. My like for fishing was not immediate as it is for many people. It was a long gradual process as I was not exposed to it very often. 

Maybe, just maybe, if I had designed my BassGirl tee shirts back then, I would have worn it everyday, as if it was a super hero cape. Then I would have began my adventures of being a BassGirl a long time ago.  If I only knew then what I know now. 

BassGirl promotes the love of bass fishing through apparel and accessories. We practice catch and release. We believe every day is an adventure, whether you're out fishing, or just in your backyard.

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  • Jim Kloos

    Great memories, we used to ride our bikes to the pond in front of the local PD. Even then it was always a competition!!!

  • TJ

    Great story. Every angler has a story to tell about how and why they started fishing. Always cool to hear those stories

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