About Us

Welcome to BassGirl. BassGirl is a place to find tee shirts and accessories for women and girls that love to fish. 

BassGirl isn't just an image, it's a frame of mind. Do you love fishing for bass; smallmouth, largemouth, spotted, striped, black, peacock bass or any other fish? Do you think about fishing all the time? Do you love adventure and being on the water or outside? 

My story began around 2004 on Lake Champlain in NY/VT. I fished many lakes and rivers in the Northeast, but Champlain is my favorite. I had earned the nickname BassGirl from my "fishing family".  I struggled to find women's fishing apparel that was designed for women.  That's when BassGirl was created. She went from an image in my mind to an image on a tee shirt.

BassGirl promotes the love of bass fishing through apparel and accessories. We practice catch and release. We believe every day is an adventure, whether you're out fishing, or just in your backyard.

Show your love of fishing with BassGirl.



 BassGirl® is a Registered Trademark.